Rejuvenation Package

A perfect pick for you to relax & de-stress. Provides you a rejuvenated day and sound sleep at night. Ayurveda has a lot of options to choose from to provide the mind, body and soul with perfect relax

ation and detoxification. Ayurvedic therapies and treatments given by professionals with the help of special herbal oils and ingredients makes you feel the authenticity and the true essence of Ayurved

Minimum Duration: 90 Mins
Price: Starting @ Rs 5500/-

a. This Rejuvenation Package comprising of Abhyangam and Sirodhara is a complete package to relax and de-stress from the regular strains in life. A full-body massage along with a head massage is given

to let the body free from all the toxins. Experience the relaxing Ayurvedic massage with some steam therapy and allow yourself to have a sound sleep at night.

Rejuvenation Package Rejuvenation Package
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