Al Asima, Kuwait
Type: Wellness Centre
Operational Since: Year of 1989
Products Used: Kairali
Average Cost: Starting KD 14999/- only
Starting KD 14999/- only
Pain Management:
Starting KD 14999/- only
Sharg, Khalid Bin Alwaleed Street, , Injazat Tower, Floor 23 , 965
Injazat Tower
Timing: 11:00 to 21:00
On Request
Kairali offers you pain management without the use of any painkillers. A unique concept that Ayurveda follows by treating the root cause of the pain. Book your appointment now to treat your pain today Kairali’s...
On Request
Panchkarma means five therapies which help in removing toxins from the body, before replenishing it with the new colors of health, youthfulness, vigor, and vitality and thereby enhances the immunity. Kairali of...
On Request
A full body massage therapy with medicated oil to rejuvenate and stimulate your senses.The person undergoing this treatment is seated on the Droni (a wooden bed specially made for the therapy). Two masseurs stand ...
On Request
Indulge in medicated oil dripping constantly on your forehead to experience an ultimate sense of calm. The patient lies on a wooden bed in a comfortable position. A specially designed apparatus is filled with medi...
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