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Kairali - Ayurvedic Healing Village

Kairali - The Ayurvedic Healing Village in Palakkad, Kerala is the most reputable ayurvedic resort of Kerala. Nestled in the foothills of the gigantic and mystical Western Ghats this Ayurvedic wellness Resort is surrounded by lush greenery, exquisite healing plants, trees and shrubs and filled with birdsong, this resort is all about relaxation and rejuvenation.

Kairali - The Ayurvedic Healing Village As a peaceful, serene and deeply spiritual Ayurvedic Resort it offers amazing rejuvenation experience through full range of natural Herbal Ayurveda treatments, herbal oil massages, Meditation, Yoga sessions and a Vegetarian Ayurvedic Diet.

For accommodation there are 30 exquisite villas, spread over 50 acres of greenery and nature, that are traditionally designed as per the ancient edicts of ‘Vastu Shastra’. The villas sit beside a gentle stream that flows through the Ayurvedic Healing Village; providing a backdrop of tranquillity and calm in the lap of nature.

Ayurvedic Treatment Centre

The treatment centre here provides some of the most traditional and authentic ayurvedic and panchakarma therapies to cleanse, detoxify, revive and rejuvenate the Mind, Body and Soul to promote general wellness. The treatments are personalized for various ailments such as arthritis, spondylitis, paralysis, migraine, sinusitis, beauty care, eye care, skin diseases, hypertension, bronchial diseases, rheumatism, diabetes, de-addiction and rehabilitation from alcohol and tobacco.

All the treatments are offered after a through consultation with a Ayurvedic Doctor and are carried out by the well trained and experienced Ayurvedic therapists and are supervised by experienced Ayurvedic physicians. There are daily yoga sessions for all the guests which are personalized to suit individual needs.

The Ayurvedic Healing Village in Palakkad is a perfect place to relax, rejuvenate, heal and savour the tranquillity and beauty of nature.

For More Information please visit our website www.ayurvedichealingvillage.com

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