Ayurvedic Therapies
Royal Makeover
Royal Makeover
On Request..
This is KAIRALI’s most Special Therapy to make you feel thoroughly Royal. The guest is welcomed in traditional Kerala style and escorted to the room with a simple prayer. Padaprakshalanam (Traditional Foot Massage) is given concentrating on the vital points of the feet to activate the channels. This gives a very soothing effect. This is then followed by Siro-abhyangam (traditional head massage with herbal oils) where one gets relaxed and nervous system gets activated in turn improving the blood flow to all parts of the body. As the feet and head is completely relaxed it’s the time of the body to get relaxed which is accomplished with Abhyangam, the famous synchronized massage with special medicated oil, which opens up all the lymphatic channels and allows the flow of the blood to all the vital regions. The body is then given a through scrub called Twak Shodhanam to remove the dead cells from the skin and covered with a cooling pack called Kaya Lepam. Kesha Lepam is also done it involves application of herbal paste to the scalp in a special technique to promote hair growth, strengthen the follicles of the hair and nourish them. It cools your cells, make you alert, calm & promotes restful sleep. Mukha-abhyangam and Nethradhara are done as the body pack is left for drying and followed by Steam bath.
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