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Royal Makeover
Royal Makeover
Royal Makeover
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Royal Makeover, as the name suggests is a complete beauty treatment that helps an individual to enhance their beauty in the most natural way possible. It gives a royal feeling to all who indulges in experiencing the authentic Ayurvedic treatments with Kairali. Starting from their hospitality to their excellent skills in delivering the best of therapies are the key assets of Kairali Ayurvedic Center. This luxury beauty treatment comprises of nature’s herbs and ingredients that are used during the course of the treatment. Ayurvedic therapies like traditional foot massage, netradhara, head and body massage, herbal facial and a steam bath are provided during a Royal Makeover Therapy. This therapy gives an extra charm and glow which in turn builds up the confidence. Massage over the entire body is given with the help of herbal powders and medicated Ayurvedic oils that helps in blood circulation and also releases the stress from the body. The steam bath helps to open up the pores and absorb the benefits of the oils thus helping in achieving the significance of the therapy. Ayurveda thus is the best choice to attain mental, physical and emotional strength that is also permanent and effective.
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