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    Summer Offer...
    Amazing ways to cool off with Kairali's Summer Special Therapies
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    Weight Loss Packa...
    A Unique program using Kairali’s signature Ayurvedic services to help you lose excess weight. Using all natural products and non –intrusive methods we have designed this package to get the best results.
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    Shirodhara is a signature Ayurvedic massage for mind, body and soul. Sirodhara when taken relaxes, rejuvenates the body, improves the immune system and creates a complete soothing sensation this also deeply relaxes the nervous system.
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    You can also avail our single short treatments like Abyangam – a special massage of the whole body to sooth the muscles, increase the vigor & rejuvenate all the senses. It is the best massage to delay ageing and is a preventive massage for good health.
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    Pain Management P...
    A unique set of treatments using Kairali’s special therapies and services that cures aches and pains and promotes muscle relaxation
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Ayurvedic Treatment

All the Kairali Centres offers you the best of Ayurvedic treatments and medicinal massages that are highly effective and beneficial. An extremely motivated and committed team of doctors and therapists ensure the highest levels in the quality of treatment and medicinal preparations. Our special health and beauty care packages are specifically designed to treat modern day maladies like stress, obesity, weight loss and hair loss.

Diseases Treated at Kairali Centres:

  • Arthritis, Rheumatic Arthritis, Osteoarthritis
  • Bronchial Diseases
  • Skin Diseases
  • Paraplegia, Hetraplegia
  • Facial Paralysis
  • Infertility
  • Sinusitis & Migraine
  • Hypertension
  • Slip Disk and Spondylitis
  • Obesity
  • Nervous debility and many more
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Address: D-120, Andheria Modh, New Delhi, 110074
Price: 2000.00
Duration: 120 Min

    50 Mins
    Abhyangam  Kairali Centre DelhiThe person undergoing this treatment is seated on the Droni (a wooden bed specially made for the therapy). Two masseurs stand on either side of the parson applying herbal oil on the head and massaging gently. The therapy is continued on the neck, ears, shoulders, chest and back. The person then lies on the back and the massage is continued from shoulder to toes. During the course of the therapy the person lies on his right side, left side, stomach, and again on his back , and finally in the sitting position. Abhyangam has been found very effective for removing stress and strain, improving eyesight, immunity, longevity, sound sleep, rheumatism, vitality and provides with a glowing skin. This massage also improves the immunity, rejuvenates and maintains the physique.

    55 Mins
    Sirodhara-Kairali Centre DelhiThe patient lies on a wooden bed in a comfortable position. A specially designed apparatus is filled with medicated oil and placed at a specific height. The masseur then swings the apparatus back and forth so that the oil flows continuously and gently across the forehead. After the prescribed duration the head is dried with a towel. This treatment can also be done for a specific part or the whole body depending on the ailment. It promotes rejuvenation and revitalization of the human mind and body, diminishing the effect of aging. This is a special therapy for stress, strain, sleeplessness, hair growth and relaxation.

    55 Mins
    Dry herbal powder is scrubbed over the body in upward direction which helps in relieving improper blood circulation and exfoliates skin to give a toned and firm look. This massage also breaks down the fat tissues and cellulite under the skin.