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    Summer Offer...
    Amazing ways to cool off with Kairali's Summer Special Therapies
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    Weight Loss Packa...
    A Unique program using Kairali’s signature Ayurvedic services to help you lose excess weight. Using all natural products and non –intrusive methods we have designed this package to get the best results.
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    Shirodhara is a signature Ayurvedic massage for mind, body and soul. Sirodhara when taken relaxes, rejuvenates the body, improves the immune system and creates a complete soothing sensation this also deeply relaxes the nervous system.
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    You can also avail our single short treatments like Abyangam – a special massage of the whole body to sooth the muscles, increase the vigor & rejuvenate all the senses. It is the best massage to delay ageing and is a preventive massage for good health.
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    Pain Management P...
    A unique set of treatments using Kairali’s special therapies and services that cures aches and pains and promotes muscle relaxation
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Ayurvedic Packages

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Address: D-120, Andheria Modh, New Delhi, 110074
Price: 2000.00
Duration: 120 Min

    Healthy Home Program*

    Healthy Couple Program*

    Healthy Family Program*
  • Monsoon Destress Ritual

    1hr 30 mins
    A combination of Podikizhi & Sirodhara for getting rid of day to day stress.
  • Monsoon Detox Ritual

    1hr 45 mins
    A combination of Pizhichil & Sirodhara for Detoxification.

    150 Mins
    Royal MakeoverThis is one of Kairali’s most special therapy to make one feel royal. This starts with traditional foot massage, head massage, body massage, powder massage and facial and completed with steam bath. This luxurious pampering of the body with the through scrub to remove the dead cells from the skin along with the oil massage makes the mind and body absolutely relaxed, content and one feels royal.